How Long Will it Take to Settle my Case?

This is one of the most common questions that our personal injury clients ask, and rightfully so. When you are suffering from physical injuries and the emotional trauma of an accident, it is natural to want compensation as quickly as possible. Here at Howard, Morrison, Ross and Whelan, it is our job to help you achieve a settlement in a timely manner so that you can move forward with the compensation you need and deserve. We tell all of our clients upfront that there is no way to predict the exact amount of time that it will take to reach a favorable settlement for their case. The length of time that it takes to resolve cases can vary from a matter of months to several years for the more difficult and contested cases involving medical malpractice or product liability.

The best way to provide an answer to this question is by describing what must happen before a claim can be resolved. The first stage of this process depends on the amount of time that it will take our client to recover. When the client has recovered or been discharged from medical treatment, or when the client has reach their maximum recovery, we can determine the appropriate amount of compensation. For cases where the client is expected to make a full recovery, we can start negotiations when the client is satisfied that they have recovered from their injuries. We prefer this because once a settlement has been agreed upon, the case is considered to be concluded.

After the client has been discharged for medical care, we will work to prepare the case for submission to an insurance company. The process of collecting the final bills and medical records can take 30 to 60 days, and our firm prepares a package to support your claim for compensation based on your financial damages and other losses. After this package is submitted to the insurance company, it usually takes 4 to 8 weeks for the insurance adjuster to review it, conduct investigations or medical reviews and start negotiations with our lawyers. In order to make this process as quick as possible, we follow up with the insurance carrier frequently to check in on how the review is progressing.

Our attorneys are skilled and aggressive negotiators on the behalf of our clients, and the negotiation process can sometimes be as short as one week. For more complex cases, the negotiation process takes several months. There are countless variables that play a part in the duration of a personal injury case, and we can help you determine a more accurate timeline when you call our firm. We invite you to call toll-free to schedule a free consultation.

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Injured by a Dog Bite?

Almost 40 % of American households own at least one dog. Dogs can be wonderful companions and often become part of our families. While dog owners should be aware of the personality of their dogs, it is still possible that their dog can bite or attack an innocent person. In most cases the victims of dog bites tend to be children. As much as we love dogs in the United States, any dog is capable of biting and causing serious injury. In most cases, dog owners are responsible for injuries and damages resulting from the bite. An experienced attorney may be able to help you obtain compensation for your medical bills, suffering and lost wages.

Dog bite cases can be complicated and challenging. The owners may claim that their dog was provoked in some way. At Howard, Morrison, Ross and Whelan we understand these types of cases and we will immediately investigate your case to determine your legal choices. Our resourceful group of attorneys may be able to determine if the dog has a history of aggression or has been mistreated by its owners. We will aggressively protect your rights and pursue maximum compensation. Dog bites can cause nerve damage and leave scars that require ongoing care and multiple surgeries.

When most people think of dog bites they do not realize just how severe the injuries can be. Dog bites can affect victims for years to come even for the rest of their lives. If you or a loved one has been injured by a dog, you need a compassionate lawyer who understands the stress and trauma you are going through. Our attorneys have an outstanding track-record helping clients with complex legal matters and we will work hard to ensure that you are optimally compensated for your pain and suffering.

Failure to Diagnose

Medical science has made remarkable leaps forward in our lifetime, providing us all with a quality of life that past generations could not have imagined. Conditions that were once fatal are now routinely treated. In many cases, the success of treating an illness is very dependent on an early diagnosis. The failure to diagnose a potentially fatal condition can result in needless suffering and even death. Failing to diagnose cancer or heart disease at an early stage can devastate your family. Knowing that had the diagnosis been properly made at an earlier stage it would have made all the difference is very difficult to bear.

You deserve answers. Contact a knowledgeable injury lawyer from our proven firm as soon as possible. Our firm understands the emotional turmoil and anger you and your family are going through. We are well-versed in these types of cases and we will work hard to pursue justice and compensation on your behalf. Cases involving a failure to diagnose are very complicated and rely on expert interpretations of sophisticated tests such as MRI results, blood tests, x-rays and more.

At Howard, Morrison, Ross and Whelan, we have the skill, experience and resources you need to handle a medical malpractice case. We will methodically investigate your case to determine what went wrong and to determine an effective legal strategy. We work closely with our medical consultants and are available to answer any questions and keep you up to date on any developments in your case.

Victims of a misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose are often left facing more expensive and more extensive medical treatments. Families can be burdened not only by incoming medical bills but also by lost wages leading to financial strain. Our firm will tenaciously protect your rights and fight for you. We have been helping families through the most difficult periods of their lives since being originally founded in 1923. A confident and determined attorney from our firm will assist you in achieving optimum results.