Drunk Driving Accidents

Virginia law enforcement is concerned with the number of auto accidents that are caused by drunk drivers every year and is always on alert to identify those who are under the influence, in order to protect other drivers from unnecessary harm. Alcohol plays a part in a large percentage of serious car accident cases. According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, over 10,000 alcohol-related collisions take place every year—accounting for over 7% of all traffic accidents—and sadly, many of these accidents result in permanent injuries or fatalities. Around 40% of all traffic fatalities that occur each year are a product of drinking and driving.

A drunk driver can be held accountable in a court of law and criminal charges can be brought against them, but that does not compensate a victim or their family for the terrible suffering and financial loss that they face after a serious accident. Drunken driving accidents can have tragic and permanent consequences. Innocent drivers and their passengers can suffer terrible injuries through the criminally negligent actions of drunk drivers, and they must be held accountable.

Serious injuries can lead to prolonged absence from work or permanent disability and no possibility of earning a living, or ever again practicing their earlier profession. The cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and nursing care will be astronomical, and the personal damages and pain and suffering can be extensive and ongoing. If you have suffered a debilitating injury as a result of a drunken driving accident, you have the right to pursue rightful compensation.

The attorneys at Howard, Morrison, Ross and Whelan are highly respected and are an accomplished group of personal injury attorneys. Our firm is concerned with the future health and well-being of our clients, and has received millions in compensation for our clients from large insurance companies. We cannot undo what has been done, but we can make sure you get the compensation you deserve to address all the damages that have resulted from the negligent actions of a drunk driver.

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