What is a Settlement?

Settlements are very common with personal injury claims. A settlement simply means that both parties agree to a fair compensation without the court system being involved. Reaching a settlement without a qualified lawyer can be difficult, especially when negotiating or debating over a fair settlement price. In many cases, it is to your advantage to settle. If a case is brought to trial, court fees and legal dues tend to grow as the process takes more time. The longer a case is drawn out, the more it will cost. Generally speaking, when a personal injury claim goes in front of judge or jury it is because neither party is able to agree on a fair settlement.

If a case must go to court you are in good hands. Our lawyers have been recognized as some of the finest trial lawyers in the land. A personal injury lawyer can discuss your settlement options with you and consult with experts and other parties to determine a fair compensation price for your claim. Should the case need to go to trial, we will be seeking the absolute maximum possible, and are very talented and accomplished trial lawyers.

Each claim is different and throughout our legal career we have represented clients in hundreds of cases. We know what to look for and how to properly evaluate and price a case. Our firm will work directly with you and the other party to determine a fair price for your injuries. We have successfully won millions of dollars for our clients and our goal is to receive the maximum amount of compensation for you. These successes have landed us awards such as “Super Lawyers,” “Top Lawyers” in Corporate Counsel and “Washington’s Top Lawyers” to name but a few. These accolades have been achieved through our aggressive representation of northern Virginian citizens and their injuries.

At Howard, Morrison, Ross and Whelan we are dedicated to pursuing the compensation you really deserve. If you believe your case should be taken to trial then we will weigh that option and its facts to determine if that is the right choice for your claim. We do not rule anything out. Deciding what route to take can be difficult, and a knowledgeable firm with seasoned experience in the Virginia legal system is a necessity when deciding whether to settle in your case.

Injured in a Shopping Mall?

If you think about it, commercial buildings keep getting larger and larger. More and more indoor malls are adding restaurants, entertainment venues, and various retail spaces. Take for example Tyson’s Corner Center in McLean, Virginia. With over 2,200,000 square feet of retail space, there is plenty of room for something to go wrong and an accident to take place. Like any other retail center, malls face substantial public liability exposure for a vast number of risks.

The owners and tenants of shopping malls are liable for injury and damages that result from fires, slips and falls, assault, physical attacks and biological attacks. They are placed under the same legal umbrella as other business establishments in regards to liability for loss or injuries resulting from an incident. Criminals have free access to the sprawling parking lots that are both indoor and outdoor, and are free to roam throughout the mall inhibited.

Some of the most common violent confrontations within shopping centers include robbery, sexual and physical abuse and other gang activities. The owners and managers of these commercial properties are required by law to anticipate the possible dangers for customers and to try and prevent them. If you have been the victim of a violent crime while shopping on mall property, you must investigate the possibility that inadequate security provisions were to blame.

Many stores realize that they are protecting themselves from litigation by adequately protecting their customers, but there are still stores that fail to follow through with safety provisions. If a mall does not use an adequate number of surveillance cameras or other personal protections, it will not be safe from a premises liability lawsuit. In the past, claims have been filed against shopping malls for the kidnapping and assault of a young woman at her son at a moll, the sexual assault of an employee at a mall, and the carjacking of a woman and her daughter. When you have suffered assault, robbery, carjacking, or any other type of damages at a shopping mall, call our talented team of lawyers to learn if you have a case for compensation.

What is my Case Worth?

The value of each case is determined on an individual basis. Personal injury allows the victim of negligence acts to receive compensation for medical bills, pain, suffering, psychological and emotional damages and financial losses. The details of each case will determine the final outcome. For example, if you sustained a catastrophic injury, you may be able to receive more as the injury tends to be more severe and has permanent, negative life-altering affects. It is important to remember that every claim is different.

Slip and fall cases can be more serious then medical malpractice, depending on the situation. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to provide you with counsel and advice as to the expected value of your case. We pride ourselves on being able to properly assess our adversary—normally the insurance company—and manipulate every situation to our benefit. When you hire us, we become partners in the pursuit of the maximum recovery possible, whether it is through trial or negotiation.

Our law firm has handled hundreds of cases over our decades of service since the firm was first established. We are highly qualified and will be able to answer your questions about the potential value of your claim. Every detail is of the utmost importance when evaluating a case. The goal of our firm is to receive the maximum amount of compensation possible. Making you whole physically, emotionally and financially is our only priority.

The professionals at our firm have over one hundred and twenty years of combined personal injury experience. We have won millions of dollar for our clients and are prepared to evaluate your injury claim. Our firm has received national recognition for its success including being voted one of the “Best Lawyers in America” for the past 19 years. These honors reflect directly on the dedication and hard work committed to each individual we represent. Careful review combined with an aggressive approach to resolving injury claims can be significant for you with regard to the final outcome of your case. We are here to help you get the compensation you deserve.