Defective Products

When we buy a product to fulfill a specific purpose, we expect that product to work properly. Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that their products not only fulfill their purpose, but also fulfill that purpose safely. For example, if we buy a car seat to protect our children in the event of a car accident, we expect that our child will be protected from harm. We trust that a product will not harm us. If any product does not properly work and in fact causes an injury, you should contact a qualified and experienced lawyer right away. In some cases, products may use inferior materials or malfunction causing severe injury. There are many examples such as an electrical appliance with poor wiring that can cause shock or fire.

Manufacturers are responsible for their products and Howard, Morrison, Ross and Whelan will hold them accountable when you or a loved one has been injured because of their product. Unfortunately, products are all too often rushed to market as profit seems more important than safety to some negligent manufacturers. This lack of testing or failure to produce a safe product can result in catastrophic injuries. These injuries not only leave physical scars, but can result in medical bills, lost wages and other damages that can devastate families. One of our experienced and proven lawyers could help you seek the maximum compensation that you and your family deserve.

Originally founded by T. Brooke Howard in 1923, our esteemed firm has proudly and successfully been fighting for the rights of everyday people since we first opened our doors. We passionately believe in defending the rights of accident victims and standing up to irresponsible manufacturers. Defective product cases can be complicated matters and it is very important that you have a knowledgeable advocate by your side. Our firm cares about our clients and we devote the personal attention you need to feel confident that you are being represented by an attorney determined to help you obtain the most compensation possible.

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