Premises Liability

When someone openly invites you onto their premises, they are responsible for providing you with a safe environment. If an establishment or an acquaintance’s premises caused you an injury, you may be able to file for premises liability. Failure to provide a safe area is deemed negligence as the owner or operator neglected to provide you with safety. Personal injuries like sustaining a dog bite or a slip and fall are common in premises liability claims.

For example, if a property owner fails to remove ice from outside their front entrance or a store manager neglects to clean up a spill from a grocery aisle and their negligent behavior results in an injury they can be held liable. Similarly, an owners dangerous dog could be deemed a liability if their dog bites and injures an innocent person. A personal injury attorney can provide you with professional legal counsel if you wish to file a premises liability claim.

Our firm is dedicated to providing you with the best possible legal counsel in North Virginia. Injuries sustained in dangerous accidents such as slip & fall or drowning accidents can alter your life forever. You may require extensive medical attention for your injury or may be permanently disabled. We at Howard, Morrison, Ross and Whelan want to help you through this difficult time. Our firm has over one hundred and twenty combined years of experience. We have been nominated for “The Best Lawyers in America” for the last eighteen years.

Medical bills, pain, suffering and loss of quality of life should be compensated by the negligent party. We want to help you and we will fight hard for your case. The dedication of our firm can be seen in our persistent research and dedicated time we devote to each case. Our legal counsel combined with our extensive knowledge and experience in personal injury law will help us to build a strong claim for you. Alleviating the pain you have suffered is our number one priority and we will fight aggressively obtain the compensation you deserve.

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